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Enrich YOUR data.
Delight YOUR customers.

Segmentation and personalization based on customer spending history.

OpenFan arms your marketing cloud with transactional insights of all the retailers that matter to your business, including:

Delight your customers and leads with personalized offers — just for them.

Let our AI match your customers with the right content based on their shopping with 1,000+ retailers.

  • Increase email open and click-through rates
  • Improve on-site shopping experience
  • Drive more revenue

Customers share what they love.
All you have to do is ask.

With 3 lines of code OpenFan’s tech integrates seamlessly into your product.

  • Account Creation
  • Post-checkout
  • Newsletters

Honor your top customers with the respect they deserve.

  • Reward highest value customers
  • Deliver hyper-targeted marketing and offers
  • Personalize their shopping experience


2x ROI

targeting an email opt-in


of consumers sign up to campaigns with email inbox


of consumers sign up to campaigns with email inbox & Facebook account

20x ROI

targeting a Facebook like